All Time Videos (ATV) | About

My love for movies and photography goes back to my early childhood - for as long as I can remember I have watched movies and read stories that have captured my imagination. 


I graduated from Wright State University in 2005 with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and currently work as the lead product engineer on the Chevy Volt.  The evenings are dedicated primarily to raising my daughter, and loving my wife.  I started filming weddings as a gift for my friends who were getting married while I was in college - simply carrying around an inexpensive handy-cam and cutting footage together to make 'highlight' videos of the days events.  It wasn't long before I had been referred outside my social circle - and realized that there was an invaluable product that could be given to a client for an affordable price.


I have come to appreciate the power of a video of relatives who are smiling and laughing - or capturing that moment on camera of the moment of pure joy or success.  These moments come and go so often that getting them requires years of experience to be able to anticipate.  (Like the hugs given at the end of a father daughter dance - the look on the face of someone winning an award, or the quiet tender moments between loved ones that speak volumes).


My approach to your project is to capture and tell your story - whether it is a love story that is punctuated on your wedding day - your companies message to your clients, or preserving moments and memories to last a lifetime.


In a world where pictures and cameras continue to improve, and our lives are more and more digital - I want to work with you on maximizing the quality of your pictures, and tell your story in a way that will last in the minds and hearts of your audience.


I look forward to hearing, and working with you!